Sleeplessness and Pink Alien Parts

It's just acouple minutes before two in the morning, and instead of sleeping, which my eyes are telling me I should be doing, I just finished downloading Trillian, because I'm really tired of having eight thousand different messaging icons and this way I only need one. Simple is good, and this seems to work, at least with ICQ and Yahoo! which are the two I use most frequently. At work, we're all on AIM, but all but one of us has a spiffy Nextel phone, so we use the radio features, like kids playing with walkie-talkies. We could use the intercoms built into the phone system, but that wouldn't be much fun.

* * * * *

This weekend we, well I, gave Cleo-dog a pink plush alien toy because we went out to buy stuff, and blatantly forgot to bring our barking bitch a new toy to keep her quiet. Tonight she decided that merely carrying around the now-disemboweled carcass of the thing wasn't enough, and she needed to play tug with it.

So I grabbed, and she started doing the Doggie Death Shake on her end, cuz, a pink plush alien is meant to be 'killed' over and over and over, after all. And then there was this hideous *rrrrrippppp* and the alien doll was missing a leg and an arm. I'm hoping the parts don't decide to spontaneously breed.