The building I work in is several offices around a central atrium, with a flight of stairs to the second floor, where the layout is repeated. Since these are office suites, no company has a private bathroom.

My office is in the northwest corner of the 2nd floor. The men's room is in the southwest corner, and in the vestibule is the ladder leading to the roof. The women's room is in the southeast corner, which means I have to walk the length of the balcony to use the restroom. Some days, like today, that's the only fresh air I get. But really, it's good that we're that busy.

Attached to the wall, in the corner right next to the women's room door is some kind of electrical box. It's locked, and the top of it is about six feet off the ground. Recently, a pair of pigeons decided, for some reason known only to them, that this would make a great nesting spot. And so every time anyone goes into the women's room, they watch her.

A lot of the women in my building try to shoo them away. I don't. I think it's fascinating that they sit so calmly when people are walking by mere inches from their home.

It's weird. I'm not a fan of pigeons, but I find myself concerned about these birds. Today, their nest was empty part of the day, and I worried that someone had fouled it. And I feel sad when the wind blows, and pieces from their nest tumble to the ground.

I also find myself wondering why they chose this exposed metal box as a nesting site. It seems so…I don't know…incongruous.