New Toy

I did it.
I went to Fry's and bought a new laptop.
It's not a desktop replacement system, because I have two desktop systems already, thanks. It's just something thin and light and cute.

I almost bought the older model, because Fry's didn't have the newer one. But when Kevin (the salesperson) brought out the box, it was the model I'd been drooling over, after all.

“Oh dear,” he said. “We are not supposed to be selling this until Tuesday.” (Imagine this with an East Indian lilt, and that's how he sounded.

“But,” I pointed out, “It's marked with a price tag, and it's the one I really want.”

“Of course,” he replied. “I'll just print your invoice.”

Meanwhile was drooling over the bigger, bolder, spiffier desktop-replacement systems. He's buying his today, he says.

And if you're wondering what I bought? Click here.

Xeni-Babble (Hey, at least it’s not another Survey)

I still feel unfocussed and antsy. One of those, “I want to be anywhere but here” kinds of moods. Maybe this is because we're popping over to the Geek Mecca commonly known as Fry's to check out cute little Vaio ultralight laptops, or maybe it's just that I know tomorrow will be an early day, and the office is quiet – too quiet – and I just want to blow off time.

So I've done nothing at all productive today. Just…not in the mood.

I am in the mood to throw a party, but I have no reason to have one, and who would come, anyway?

I'm anticipating a mini-vacation. is going to NANOG25 in Toronto next month, and since I've never been to Toronto, I'm tagging along. It won't be a true vacation, because he'll be busy all day, but I like exploring new places, so I plan to have fun. Or at least get some rest.

I need to mow the lawn this weekend.
And the dogs need baths.
And the hot-tub (which I'm afraid to look at, really) needs to be cleaned.
And, and, and…

I think I'll just go look at the Vaio website some more.