Terrible Tuesday

It's been an eventful day. In the span of one workday, I quit my job, was fired from the same job, and was then rehired into a slightly modified position with a better pay scale and more flexibility.

Obviously I have an odd definition of 'terrible'.

It began with my ongoing frustration with TempAgency to pay me on time. Oh, they managed all right for the first five months of my three-month assignment, but since the beginning of April, every check has been late. The first one arrived on Saturday. The next on a Monday. And this week's check still hasn't appeared in my mailbox. (I'm supposed to receive them on Fridays.)

Then there's the small matter of: My contract was supposed to be three months long, it's been six and no one's bothered to check on how I'm doing.

I skipped lunch hoping to zip home early, and instead got roped into an emergency notary appointment for some people who didn't bother to return their title company's calls and had to sign something RightThisVeryMinuteOrWe'llLoseTheLock! Of course they'd be the types who had to read every line of the thing they were signing, even though it's a required form, and they were being given a copy to take home. Ah, well, an extra $20 in my pocket helped a little. And Fuzzy was held up, as well, and also missed lunch.

We finally got home around 6:30, hot, tired, and feeling faint. Cooking would have knocked me out, so we ordered pizza: Note – the six-cheese pizza from Papa John's is best on thin crust, but don't order if you don't like strong cheese. One of the six is gorgonzola.

Total non-sequitur: Gorgonzola cheese makes me think of Xanth.

I logged on to my usual roleplaying game hoping for some nice light soothing RP between my character and her weyrmate (she's pregnant, he's been fussing, and so has his dragon), only I was still all faint and crabby and ended up picking a fight. Fortunately the player in question is a dear friend, and knew I'd had a day that was causing me to seriously vent. I owe him lots for his patience.

And now it's nearly one, and I'm too tired to write anything creative, and too awake to sleep.


Wednesday has to be better, right?


Whine-mode, cancel.