Chocolate Doesn’t Always Cure the Blues

But maybe if I take a leaf from , that will help. I had to decline a loan for a couple who are Russian immigrants. He's working two jobs while she's pregnant, but because of guidelines I can't count his income from the second job – not enough history -. I'm sending it to the underwriters anyway, despite knowing they'll decline it, because without a formal notice of denial, termination, or change, the borrowers can't get their deposit back.

In any case, Nimiriel has been posting lists of seven things she's thankful for, and I'm blatantly stealing her concept, in the hopes that focussing on the good will help me get through the rest of this day.

1) The new bed is being delivered on Saturday. I still am not sure how we'll rearrange the bedroom, but I love such challenges. (Btw, anyone know anyone who wants to buy a black wrought iron queen-sized 4 poster bed frame, and a matching dresser and two nightstands, or a piano (spinet)?)

2) I have new stuff to read waiting for me at home. Fresh books are always something to look forward to.

3) I've figured out the perfect place to put the potted rose bush that needs to be transplanted. I have to rip out the Japanese maple to do it, but I really don't like the Japanese maple anyway.

4) There are purple pansies greeting me every time I walk in my front door. Yay flower bowls!

5) My eyes do feel better with the plugs in. I'm needing the drops less, at any rate.

6) It's grey and moody outside, and I love grey moody days.

7) I have some really patient friends who put up with me, even when I'm being bitchy and reclusive. Thanks, all of you.