So, we attacked the back yard today, me with the new lawn mower, and Fuzzy with the edger. I really need to get over my fear of the edger, but after watching him use it, and seeing how much stuff flew toward his face, I'm really glad it wasn't me using it.

Anyway, the dogs are happy because the grass is no longer taller than they are, and I'm delighted because I planted two dwarf citrus plants last spring, then went on vacation, and came back to find that it had never occurred to Fuzzy that in 100+ degree heat, one should water trees.

I thought they'd be dead. But they're not. They're in blossom. And the calla lilies are in full force. The japanese maple is a lost cause, but I never wanted it, anyway, so I'm replacing it with a rose-bush I was given for my last birthday, and which I moved to a larger pot, and am now moving to the ground, at last.

And tomorrow I have another eye appointment, so those following my LASIK story will want to read 's stuff late tomorrow evening.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!