Be Seated

28 Plays Later – Challenge #26
Choose ten inanimate objects, go through a five-step process that helps you select one.
Write a play about it.


Ice Cream Parlor Chairs




WHITE:          Fine. You go first.

BLACK:          Well…

WHITE:          Come on. Don’t get your wires in a twist. You want my confessional, put your money where your support spiral is.

BLACK:          Well, like you, I started in the restaurant. When was that? The thirties? The forties? I don’t remember much except a lot of red sauce and soldiers.

WHITE:          Yeah… soldiers and their girls. It was sweet, all that young love.

BLACK:          If you say so. A lot of those boys never came home again, or they came home wrong.

WHITE:          True. But a lot of them got married and started families. I ended up with one of the daughters of the restaurant owner. I thought you did, too?

BLACK:          Yes. I was put on the landing next to an empty milk bottle – one of those big, black, metal ones. I was never sure if he was meant to be intimidating or reassuring. Mostly, he was boring. Never wanted to chat. Just wanted to sit there and be stoic.


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2018-26 – Be Seated