The Weather Man

28 Plays Later – Challenge #25
Every writer has started working on something and then gave up halfway through.
We all have somewhere an incomplete idea or play.

Your challenge for today, should you choose to accept it,
is to find one of those ideas and complete them!


About the play:

Since I don’t have any scripts that meet this requirement, or any incomplete stories that I wanted to turn into scripts, I took a piece of flash-fic that I wrote a while ago and expanded it into a play.

Weather Man via Flash Prompt





Hey, yo! It’s the weather man! Sam, Sam the weather man! Whatcha got for us today?


Joe, get back to work. Poor S.O.B. can’t help his obsession.


It’s not an obsession.


Kinda surprised you have your kid with you, Sam. She have any clue about Daddy’s empty bottles?

SAM (patiently):

They’re not empty. I’ve captured two squalls just this week.


Right. Squalls in bottles. As if. Look maybe you should try catching time. You know, like the song. (Sings) If I could keep time in a bot-tle, the first thing that I’d like to dooooooooo.


Time is just an artificial construct. Weather? Weather is real.

To read the entire piece, click the link below:

2018-25 – The Weather Man