Up In Smoke

28 Plays Later – Challenge #27

Pick a previous challenge and do it again.

I picked #5 – the provided first line challenge. Except it ended up not being the first line.

So, this is also the “adapt a previous work of your own” challenge, since this was originally a piece of flash-fiction.



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SAUL (gesturing at the item):

Is that it?


What, this? It’s just a lipstick, see?

GERTL makes a show of opening the tube of lipstick and applying some to her lips, using the compact mirror for guidance.


Do you like the color?


It’s a little dark for a girl like you.

GERTL (laughing):

Right, because I’m still twelve to you.


No! Not twelve. Sixteen, maybe.


Got a thing for jailbait, Saul? I never would’ve thought…

SAUL (embarrassed):

Easy, sweet-knees, I’m just playing with ya. (beat) Shall we get to business?

SAUL pulls a cigar out of his pocket, and reaches for paraphernalia waiting on the table. He clips it, lights it, and takes a puff.


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2018-27 – Up In Smoke