Weekend Plans.

This weekend, our plans are light. We’ve accomplished seeing Indiana Jones, so far – it was, to use the same phrase as a friend, an enjoyable romp. Totally implausible, but fun, and Harrison Ford is still hot even though he’s showing his age.

Other tasks include building the bench Fuzzy bought for me two weeks ago (or was it three) but hasn’t yet but together, taking apart the plumbing of the bathroom sinks and replacing the u-bends, and looking at the pressure on the kitchen faucets because while the bar sink is fine, the main sink seems to be losing pressure and I can’t figure out why.

We could, of course, call the home warranty company for the plumbing, and we might still, but the bench will definitely be completed.

And then maybe we’ll hit the Mars Watch thing at Fair Park, or go see Speed Racer.

One thought on “Weekend Plans.

  1. The Spouse Thingy wants to see Indiana Jones…but I haven’t seen the first three. I’m going to be confused during most of it, aren’t I?

    We saw Speed Racer…way too long. It would have been a good 80-90 minute movie, but it’s over 2 hours and dang near epileptic inducing. If you haven’t seen Iron Man yet, honestly, your $$ would be better spent seeing that.

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