Such a Monday

I never did get around to making coffee today, though I did make some tea around three PM. I was in the middle of a great dream when the 8:30 AM alarm went off – if that seems luxurious to some of you, do remember that we’re generally up til two or three. Fuzzy hit the button on it, and I snuggled back into the covers, informing the dogs that they were not going out until after the pool guy was done, and convincing myself I could wait to pee, because sometimes even a full bladder has to take second place to soft pillows and warm covers.

It was gray and drizzly finally let the animals, well, animal, out. (Zorro did not deign to leave bed.) And then Monday became everything the name implies. The toilet overflowed, and I rescued the books from the bathroom floor and yelled at Fuzzy to help – he went to the linen closet to find towels, and I yelled at him to take towels that were already dirty.

Fuzzy went upstairs to do his first two conference calls from home, and I settled in to write about cars instead of car insurance for a change (a welcome change) and then around noon I finally realized I hadn’t eaten…I didn’t eat, though, I took a shower, and then I ate, and then I did a mile on the stationary bike, but it was uncomfortable, so I took the padded cover off, and that gave me the two extra inches I needed to reach the pedals better, so I did six more miles, lickety-split, finished my bottle of water, and took the dogs for a mile-plus ramble – we’d have gone farther but it began raining again.

I did more work, and looked up at five realizing I was exhausted, and that the tuna steaks I’d taken out to defrost were still icy. I wandered off to take a nap after feeding the dogs, woke at 7:30, and then called Fuzzy, who was still working. He got home at eight-thirty, and we went to the bank and then got cheeseburgers (and a salad), and came home.

I just wrote tomorrow’s article, and am trying to decide if I want to read, sleep, write, or post the overdue May prompts for Cafe Writing.

And it’s still Monday here…for another minute.