A Difficult Day

All day Tuesday I felt as if I were trying to move through viscous liquid, both physically and mentally. Greenish glowy viscous liquid. Sort of like aloe gel but without the skin soothing effect.

Of course, in reality I was just tired and a little crabby, and not in the mood to work, and yet, I finished everything I’d planned to do, and managed to enjoy an afternoon of dark skies and rumbling thunder punctuated by the odd flash of lightning and softened by a steady, soaking rain.

We may or may not get more rain today, but even if we don’t I think I’m in a better mental place than I was all week.

I wrote another chapter of a fanfic today, and I’ve worked out some issues with the NOVEL so I know how to fix them, and just need to work diligently so I can have lots of time for personal writing this week and weekend.

Sometimes, the difficult days are the most rewarding.