Sometimes, it’s nice to stay near home, and just have a relaxing weekend that doesn’t involve anything more taxing than seeing a movie and light grocery shopping.

Last night, we met one of Fuzzy’s work buddies for the 8 PM show of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was delightfully implausible and wonderfully escapist. Shia LaBeouf is becoming quite the performer and growing into a watchable adult, and Harrison Ford is still hot even though he’s showing his age. Or maybe because he is. There’s just something about slightly grizzly, casually disreputable men.

We got home around eleven, and I blogged a bit, and then crashed, slept late today, but not well, because Miss Cleo was on a sugar and cocoa high from stealing a 1/4 pound bar of chocolat noir, and eating it all. I was fairly close to locking her outside for the night, but she’d have barked nonstop.

We finally left the house around three, went to Cracker Barrel for eggs and bacon, and then did the grocery shopping we needed to do (I bought t-bones for tomorrow, an indulgence, but one I’m looking forward to quite a lot), hit Starbucks, hit Blockbuster where we rented a truly atrocious Allen Quartermain film because Fuzzy wanted to see “the character Indiana Jones was inspired by” – I went into the cool, dark bedroom half way through – it was THAT bad.

We also rented Charlie Wilson’s War, because anything that involves Tom Hanks speaking words written by Aaron Sorkin cannot be bad. And when I say rented, I mean, we actually paid money. We didn’t use Blockbuster coupons or exchange DVDs rented by mail, although we have both Enchanted, which I have because Jeremy said I needed to see, and Invasion because I’m all for sci-fi/horror, we just haven’t watched them yet.

And I STILL haven’t seen Sweeny Todd, though I have the soundtrack on one of my mp3 players.

Anyway, tomorrow, we’re hanging out here at home, maybe swimming, maybe just staying inside our blissfully air-conditioned house and watching movies, and maybe catching up on reading and writing.

We’re being homebodies.
And we’re fine with that.

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