Thursday Thirteen – 0705.17

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss
Thirteen Things that Begin with “G”

  1. Garlic It’s a staple in my cooking, whether I’m chopping it for pasta sauce or chili, or to mix into scrambled eggs, or roasting it to serve with a crusty baguette and hot soup. It means “home” to me.
  2. Genie This is the American version of the French word, which actually doesn’t share etymology with the more correct “Djinn,” but I have an affinity for trickster characters, especially tricksters who use magic.
  3. Georgetown, CO I lived there when I was seven-ish, and it was an idyllic place to be a small child. A part of me still yearns for small town life. I just want the small town to also have a decent bookstore, cafe, a coastline, and internet access.
  4. Gestures When you come from an Italian family, talking with your hands doesn’t mean “sign language” but broad passionate gestures. I’ve restrained myself a lot, but when I’m truly comfortable with people, they come out.
  5. Ghirardelli Square The stores have changed a lot since my first visit there, in 1980, and watching the molten chocolate pour down isn’t quite as magical as it used to be, but this is still my favorite San Francisco tourist attraction, and I used to love taking the bus down Van Ness on weekends when I was at USF, and hanging in the square, watching the street performers and sipping hot cocoa.
  6. Ghost Stories Like many people, I like to be a little scared, and I like my fiction a little dark. But ghost stories don’t have to be dark – sometimes they can be merely mysterious, and other times romantic.
  7. Gingerbread Classically spicy, always tastey, and did you know it’s fabulous with dark chocolate sauce?
  8. Gipsy Kings, The They’re French, but they sing in soulful, earthy (yes, both at once) Spanish. I love their rough voices and their guitars.
  9. Green It’s a cool, wet color for me, one I associate with beach glass, kelp forests, and dark, soft moss.
  10. Groovous In my effort to decrease my use of the word “cool” I started using “spiffy” and “nifty,” but sometimes they’re not strong enough. “Groovous” which is my spin on “groovy” is unique enough to suit me, and tends to get attention as well. Plus, it’s fun to say. I like words that are fun to say.
  11. Guessing Games I’m good at closure, so it’s natural for me to like such games.
  12. Gypsies Like “Genie” above, it’s the romantic, fictional gypsies I refer to here.
  13. Gyroscopes I remember playing with a toy gyroscope my grandfather gave me, letting the ball spin as I turned the contraption in different directions. It fascinated me, but I don’t have the math finesse to ever be good at physics.

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – 0705.17

  1. Gestures was funny… am doing Powerful Presentations training at present, and all of my feedback following my sessions is find something to do with your hands! The trainer has suggested I hold a pen or a pointer of some sort to stop me waving them around so much

  2. 1. I used lots of garlic in a vegetarian chili I made last night…damn, it was good!

    2. I have an affinity for trickster characters, too, unfortunately they’re usually my boyfriends or husbands.
    6. Speaking of romantic stories…

    9. This is the best description I’ve ever read of the particular color of green I love. Well done!

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