Almost like a Real Writer

So when I wrote a piece about trends in purchasing hybrids on Thursday night, I thought I was writing a draft, a spec piece, for a company my boss wanted us to link to. Today, he sent me an email with this link, and while it’s cool to see my name attached – makes me feel almost like a real writer, you know? – I’m cringing at the fact that they posted the draft without editing or tweaking or anything.

It’s one thing to have typos in the blog. I mean – it’s a blog. It’s raw. It’s supposed to be organic. But having glaring grammatical errors in a “published” piece feels like I just flashed the world.

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Dark and Stormy Night

The lightning storm began just as we were trying to fall asleep around 12:30 this morning. Normally, such things don’t bother the dogs, but tonight they were agitated, asking to go out, then refusing to do so because it was wet and rainy. Very rainy. The above picture was taken around one AM by me – standing in the doorway of the kitchen, leading out to the deck – it’s nothing amazing, just silvery rain falling in sheets with the treeline in the background, but I think it’s mysterious even so.

And now, to sleep. No, really.

Thank God You’re Here, Captain Obvious!

Today, I received a phone call from a cousin I’ve never heard of, but I didn’t have time to call him back. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and I got the biggest kick out of how delightfully snarky his voice on the phone was. I like Texas, mostly, but I miss the fast paced speech of the East Coast.

It was an invitation to a reunion, separate from the reunion in mid-June in SoDak. This one would be in Ellwood, at the actual old home-site. I’ve never seen it, and I want to, but this would also be at the END of June, and I don’t know that we can swing two trips that close together.

This evening, I went to workshop, and while it wasn’t my BEST work, I had fun playing Superhero (I was endowed with being Hippie Chick, which was cool), and didn’t get a chance to play Calvin Ball, but I’ve played it before, and I understand how it works. I didn’t go first for anything, but I didn’t fade out, either. And the notes during scene layups were directed at my scene partner, not at me.

I still feel like there’s some “click” that hasn’t engaged yet, but I think I’m getting closer to it. And I’m having fun.

Went to dinner after workshop, Fuzzy joined us part-way through.
Need to drag him to bed now as he has an early meeting.