Fridays at ComedySportz are always a little weird. Saturday houses are generally good, but Fridays are iffy. Tonight, just to make things even weirder than usual, we had only five players, playing 2-on-2 with a “designated jokester.” I was on the Red team and E was my captain. BigE reffed. S and BabyJ were the Blue team, and our director was the DJ.

We opened with the worst-ever game of Doo Rap. I don’t think we made it past three people before we had to start over, and then, when it was down to three people, the name we were supposed to rhyme was “Meg.” S started, but for some reason she had the name “Sue” stuck in her head (it was a suggestion not taken), so when she was told we were starting with her, she used the name “Sue.” I was next. I knew the name chosen was “Meg,” but I also knew that I was going to be called out either way. If I corrected the name, I’d be told I didn’t rhyme, and when I DID rhyme “Sue” I was called out for using the wrong name. As our director put it during half-time, “You were pretty much screwed either way.” The audience thought it was funny, though.

We ended up winning that game anyway, and our next game was SlideShow, with two volunteers. It was an okay game. Blue played Arms Expert, and literally soaked the volunteer, who was pretty good at answering questions, but, per director, had hygiene issues. Blue won that round.

Blue then played Changing Styles and Emotions, which was funny, but no one really knew who was who. Ditto our game of blind line. I stupidly began by denying our director, and then I corrected, but the whole scene was just off. The audience liked it, but they liked Changing Styles MORE, so Blue won that round also, and got to play Five Things. During this game, BabyJ was miming giving birth in order to convey to S that her football was a baby, and our DJ emerged from between his legs, AS the baby. It was …original.

We played Dance Party as a catch-up round, and I forgot to unfreeze. Story wasn’t our best, but I won that, so at least I felt like I’d redeemed myself somewhat, and 185 seemed to last forever. Blue won (no surprise), but notes weren’t that harsh, as everyone had had fun.

We came straight home after, watched Smallville on TiVo, and now Fuzzy’s doing last minute work foo, and I’m about to fall asleep.

As to Sabotage? That was a referral to something I said in notes, about me and S trying to sabotage the match…I was kidding. Really.