Sometimes, you just have to ramble.

I was up with the birds today. I’d say “up with the sun” but as we haven’t seen it in days, I’m hesitant to use that phrase. Fuzzy had an early meeting, and I had a project to finish – it’s now essentially finished, and since it was the project from hell, I’m glad to have it behind me. I’ve been whining about it for two weeks.

My lungs and head have been feeling pressured all day, and finally around five when the tornado warning was announced (yes, another one), I realized it was a reaction to the atmosphere. Rain, wind, thunder lightning. I used to love these things – I still love these thing – but my head and lungs don’t agree today.

By 6:30 or so I was convinced we’d get nothing – the warning had expired, we were down to a watch. And then the leading edge hit – winds clocked at almost 100 mph, driving rain in voluminous quantities – another half inch and my pool would have been overflowing – and the screechy sound of things sliding around outside.

As I wrote in my LiveJournal, I’m not generally afraid of weather, and, in fact, once the very worst was over, I was out snapping pix of the lightning through the rain – a ghostly image – water flickering blue and silver – the power had flickered off briefly a couple times, my cell had no signal – and mostly I was enjoying the storm, but there were moments when I was convinced the windows were going to implode. (Why yes, I was standing at the 2nd story window, watching the mayhem. It’s not like the actual tornado SIRENS were going off.)

After everything settled, I went outside. (It’s still raining, even now, still flashing lightning and rumbling thunder, but it’s just a rainstorm now, not a threat. Does that make sense?) The deck chairs were scattered across the yard. One was almost into the pool, its ottoman already submerged. We’ll fish it out in the morning – it’s too dark and cold and slimy to deal with tonight. Not that the pool is slimy – it’s just…well…it’s a Fuzzy-job and he didn’t get home til 10.

When he did get home he brought with him a steak for me, and stories of seeing a semi flipped over on top of a car, and the news that two of our trees were no longer trees, exactly. The peach tree was bent in half, and broken, one of the plums had been sheared off at ground level. And I mean sheared. A chainsaw could not have made a cleaner cut. We drove a circuit of the neighborhood, and then came home and I ate steak while we watched Lost.

Fuzzy had already eaten, with clients.

And now? Now I’m tired, and my head still hurts and I am going to turn off the lights and watch the lightning until I fall asleep.

3 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. Nature can be a scary thing. And when it decides to get ornery, there’s something so elemental about staying inside and watching it through the window.

    London’s known as some sort of thunderstorm hotbed – quite possibly the busiest thunderstorm zone on the continent, if memory serves – so we often camp out in the living room and watch the fireworks. Your pix sound amazing: I’ve never succeeded in getting anything shareable from a storm, ybut you’ve inspired me to keep trying.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the trees. Does this mean an opportunity to plant some new greenery?

  2. I’m sorry about your trees…sad to lose them, I know.

    OMG…wasn’t Lost AMAZING last night?

  3. Yep, that storm was a little frightening. Hopefully this “Let’s throw tornadoes at North Texas!” bit will end soon. But we’re in tornado alley, so we’ll probably see some more. I’d just like them more spaced out, really.

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