While the Storms Raged…

…outside our theatre, which saw us arrive to a chorus of tornado alarms, we sat around the green room taking phone calls from players who were going to be late (hail) or not able to make it at all (more hail, a tornado touchdown) – one of whom (tornado) lives very close to us.

At almost eight, we hadn’t warmed up, hadn’t figured out teams, and thought we weren’t having a show. But we had people who did show up, and even though they were a small bunch, they were loud and happy, and Rob said if they were willing to come out, we would give them a show.

So we did.

We played two-on-two with a DJ. TC and I were blue, Craig and Dedi were red. Evan DJ’d. We opened with Do-Rap (Blue won) – We played Forward and Reverse, Red played Changing Emotions & Styles. (Red won round one.) Red played Dinner at Joe’s. We played Blind Line, and won. We played Five Things (4/5 – TC guessed). Red played Dance Party for the catch-up round. Ref’s challenge was Story. We won. Eng-game was 185. Red won the match, but I’m really pleased with my performance tonight, even though I did forget to let a 2nd red player jump out in 185 (because they were behind). We skipped half time, and the last two games were called uber-fast. In addition, audience earned 6 brown bags (5 by one person). Taping his mouth didn’t help.

Went to Hoffbrau for dinner. Came home. Am too jazzed to watch tv, too tired to write anything good.

Cocoa, I think, is just the thing. And sleep.

Oh, and the house is fine.

One thought on “While the Storms Raged…

  1. How cool of you to stay the course despite the maelstrom that swirled around you. My gut tells me that the contextual drama made its way into your performance. I’d still give my eye teeth to be a part of it someday: keep me in mind, k?

    Thanks, BTW, for your your very kind comment on my blog this week. I find myself unable to shake the feeling that something irreplaceable was lost, and that the challenge lies with me and other friends to figure out how to take our friend’s gift forward.

    I think something in me changed this week. I wish change didn’t always come cloaked in tragedy, but that’s kinda how life works, eh?

    Anyway, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your sentiment.

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