Thursday Thirteen: 0704.26

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss

13 Things That Begin with D

  1. Dabbling: I suck at commitment, and I like many, many things, so I tend to dabble in them. It suits me. It would suit me better if I were independently wealthy, however.
  2. Daisies: Such cheery flowers, and I don’t care if they’re the traditional yellow, the glorious Gerberas or the chocolate-scented brown cosmos, I like them all.
  3. Darjeeling: Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like most tea – including chai, and Earl Grey (hot), but Darjeeling is a little bit different, and a little bit darker. And more fun to say.
  4. Darkness: I like rooms to be quietly lit, not over-bright, and I think the dark parts of an image, the negative space, are as important as the bright and the positive. But I also tend to be drawn to dark themes – vampires, ghosts, almost anything created by Tim Burton or Joss Whedon. Check out my book and movie collection – all will be made clear.
  5. Dancing: I’m pretty suckful at just dancing, but I’m okay at tap and I’ve had lessons in some classic ballroom dance. Eons ago I took ballet, slightly more recently (one less eon?) I also took jazz. But even when I suck, dancing makes me happy.
  6. Decorating: Whether it’s changing the flowers in my vases to reflect my mood, changing the house decor to be in tune with the season or holiday, or re-arranging the furniture just to have a sense of new space, I love decorating.
  7. Depp, Johnny: My first exposure to him was in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but my appreciation only grew from there. Now? Well, I joke that he’s on my freebie list, but it’s his work – his always making the unusual choice – that I really admire.
  8. Diving: There’s something completely magical about viewing the world from beneath the surface of water. I still dream of cage-diving with sharks. Ahhh, someday.
  9. Dogs I like cats, but they make me sneeze. I “get” dogs. They’re sweet, loyal, protective, funny, clever and love you unconditionally. I have two – Zorro’s a 10-year-old chihuahua/JRT mix, and MissCleo is a seven-year-old mutt.
  10. Dolphins: If you’ve ever been face-to-face with one, you understand the zen of dolphins. They have this way of looking right into your soul.
  11. Doo-Rap It’s one of my favorite CSz games, because I like rhyming, and I like music, and most of the time I don’t suck at it. Actually, not-sucking at it is kind of a problem. I don’t like to fail, and it really brings out my competitive streak.
  12. Dragons: I’m not sure if I just have a thing for mythical creatures, or if it’s something deeper, but I’ve been drawn to dragons ever since I can remember.
  13. Dresden, Harry: He’s a wizard, and a detective, and yes, he’s a fictional character, but whether I’m reading about his latest exploits in one of Jim Butcher’s excellent novels, or watching him banter with Bob the Ghost on the Sci-Fi channel series, Harry makes me smile. He’s a dark figure who still manages to be a comfort-figure.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 0704.26

  1. I like Johnny Depp, Darjeeling Tea and dabbling too.

    I’m all about cows on parade this time round from my trip to Greece last may.

    Have a great evening!

  2. I adore dragons. If there’s a book or movie that features them, I’m first in line to read/see it. I especially love books where they’re sentient beings, like Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series.

  3. You can tap dance!!! I love it!
    And I’d love to be face-to-face with a dolphin but keep diving away from me :)
    Happy thursday and happy TT!

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  5. GEEKS RULE! Yeh so I’ve pretty much set for the openings of “Pirates #3”, “Hairspray” and “Harry Potter” :-)

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