Thursday Thirteen: 0704.19

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss

13 Things That Begin with C with a nod to Janet for the inspiration.

  1. 1.Calla Lilies: One of my favorite flowers, because of their cool, crisp elegance, and also one of the things I miss most about California. Texas weather isn’t good for Calla Lilies.
  2. Cards: Greeting or Playing – I’m not picky. The former, whether designed by Hallmark, or just nice, stiff blank notes, are just enough of a letter to be used when you want to make contact, but aren’t certain what to say. The latter provide (generally) inexpensive entertainment. (My favorite card game EVER is Phase 10)
  3. Carnations: Simple, happy flowers, with a gentle sweet-spicy scent.
  4. Carousels: I think carousels are among the most romantic rides there are. I mean, roller coasters are fun, and we all know that Pirates of the Caribbean is the ultimate make-out ride, but carousels are so simple and old-fashioned, that they’re more romantic, even if they’re way more innocent. Plus the animals are cool.
  5. Cello: I started playing when I was nine, which is really old for any musician, and especially old for a string player. I have fond memories of learning to play the Suzuki level one version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” though, and even fonder memories of summers spent at the National Cello Institute. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a room full of cellists playing classical music in six part harmony.
  6. Chocolate: Dark, slightly bitter, room temperature – my favorite chocolate was the stuff they leave on the side of your cappuccino mug in France.
  7. Christopher: Y’all know him as Fuzzy, if you only know me from my blog, but really he’s Christopher. He is totally the string to my kite, keeping me grounded when I’d much rather flit between many things. Or, trying to, anyway.
  8. Cleese, John: Once when I was nine, I saw “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” advertised in the tv listings, and asked if I could stay up late to watch it. My mother, bemused, agreed, probably assuming I’d turn it off in disgust once I realized it wasn’t an actual circus. Instead, I was hooked, especially on the really tall guy. Later, as we turned into a family who watched Brit-Coms on PBS on weekend evenings, I would understand the magic of John Cleese even more. Still later, I would find myself sitting in San Francisco’s Opera Plaza movie theater with friends, catching a midnight show of “A Fish Called Wanda.”
  9. Coffee: I tell people I was weaned on coffee, and it’s not far from true. Coffee is my inspiration, my energy source, my elixir. I like mine with milk, not cream, and my taste for sweetener varies with my mood.
  10. ComedySportz: Sometimes I’m still terrified when the loud music starts, and Mr. Voice shouts “Let’s bring out the PLAYERZ!!!!” And honestly, I’m not always the best at “yes and” and would rather say, “no, because” but I’m getting better – more confident – more engaged. And I’m really lucky to have this opportunity. Besides, improv has made me a better writer, and a braver person.
  11. Crayons: I suck at art, but I have a fetish for art supplies, and I own a 96-pack of Crayola crayons (no other brand will do), because I just had to HAVE them, even though I may never use them. I love the scent of Crayons as much as the colors themselves. And I love that they represent youth, innocence and imagination.
  12. Creativity: Whether in myself or others, I admire creativity. I don’t care if it comes as music, humor, words or fiber arts, cooking, sewing, or home decor – I try to surround myself with people who have the spark.
  13. Cuddling Don’t get me wrong, I like sex as much as anyone else, but cuddling is sometimes better. And cuddling doesn’t have to be sexual. I cuddle my dogs when I’m feeling down, because puppy kisses make everything better, and I’ll admit to still owning a few stuffed animals (like my 36-year-old Winnie-the-Pooh).

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 0704.19

  1. this is interesting! nice that u came up with 13 Cs…and good that u mentioned chocolate and cuddling, those 2 goes together,hehehe!

  2. “You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a room full of cellists playing classical music in six part harmony.”

    At the very least. Aaaaah, it’s all warm and rich and *full* and delicious and it tugs at you just so…. memories memories!

  3. I was going to go with a comment on chocolate but then I spotted JC had made your list. A man who is not only very funny but also knows that quitting while your ahead makes you funnier. Not just once but several times he’s stopped a project at the height of its success rather than milking it till its not funny any more.

  4. I never knew how much fun cuddling was until I found Wolf :-) He has to get his cuddle in every morning, and then he’s a happy shiba :-)

    You’re a cellist! There’s a joke in there somewhere, I’m sure. I’ll find it sooner or later ;-)

    Too funny about you & wanting to watch Monty Python. I loved them back in the day…Eric Idle was my fav. You know John Cleese is in the HP movies, right?

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