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I hadn’t slept more than three hours Thursday Night, but had so much to do yesterday, and my mind was spinning, that I had to force awakeness. I pushed water and protein all day, and it seemed to help. My left eye has a mild stye/infection and it’s bothersome but not painful. I think it’s partly a reaction to lack of sleep.

All day I was racing around, and feeling kind of giddy, and then I wanted to crash, but knew if I did I’d be comatose.

However, I found the energy to do a CSz show (not our best, but solid, if a little off-kilter) and do dinner after, and dinner was nice. Relaxed. I needed it as much as the show.

Came home, was going to post a blog but my website was broken.

Yes, broken. Terribly so. Of course, I immediately assumed it was WordPress that had gone wonky, backed up my sql tables, grabbed my template files, and purged WP. Then I realized I couldn’t get to the site at all. Could ping it, could traceroute it, couldn’t actually get to port 80. Fuzzy had me telnet into it (I haven’t used telnet in at least five years) and test that way, so I could give Dreamhost ALL the information. They never responded to my email, but it’s working now (obviously).

Note to self: mucking with webfoo at 2:00 AM when you’re already developing under-eye circles to rival any corpse in a Tim Burton movie – not the wisest of choices.

Also? Thank God for concealer.

Got my order last night. Can’t remember right now what the imps were, but there were FIVE frimps in the box, including Hemlock, which is poison green. The bottles were Milk Moon and Poisson d’Avril.

Going back to sleep for a short while, then will start work on, well, work.

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