Cherry Cola

Anytime I need to see your face
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter in the base of my spine
Sweet like a drink of cherry cola

— Savage Garden “I Want You”

Three hours and $278 after I entered the Aveda salon yesterday (I bought some products so not ALL of that was for the salon services), I left again with goth-y looking magenta streaks glowing in my dark brown hair, the effect reminding me of cherry cola.

It was a long process – first we touched up my roots with my base color, a warm chocolate brown, then we did foils on specific strands to bleach them out. I sat and read for 20 minutes, and then we rinsed and washed my hair, DRYED it, and then Natalie and Zoila, her assistant, poured the three colors of Special Effects hair dye I’d brought with me, into three separate bowls, and started weaving color onto the strands we’d bleached today, and the strands that were still sort of reddish-pink from last time. Then, more waiting, another rinse and wash, a massage, and then we dryed my hair again. By this time most of the people in the salon were standing around wanting to see the final look. I felt very spoiled.

The over-all effect is that of natural highlights, except they’re an unnatural glowy magenta color. And yes, there will be pix, eventually – I had to dash from the salon to the arena for a ComedySportz show, and while I had energy, I wasn’t my best last night. I messed up a joke I should have sold, and just…felt overpowered.

It wasn’t a suckful show, it was just…odd. Off-kilter. And it was all of us, I think. Not just some of us.

In any case, today I’m catching up on a work-project and enjoying being home.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the pictures also, and like a few folk above, I rarely spend more than $20 on my hair. I’m sure it was worth it for you tho, Melissa.

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