Zippy Tuesday

Tuesday zipped by. I swear five minutes ago it was only seven at night, and now it’s eleven and I’m sitting in bed writing this.

My day was actually pretty mellow. Slept til eight-ish, surfed the net in bed til nine, made coffee, wrote some stuff for work. Had more coffee. Answered email. Answered phone calls. Wrote more for work. Had IM conversation with SEO guru. Re-read info he sent. Uploaded articles to staging server. Chatted with Ms. Eclectic via Skype, and later, with my mother, via telephone. Made three-bean chili for dinner. There’s enough for lunch tomorrow. Fed dogs. Cuddled dogs. Ate dinner. Folded laundry.

Condensed like that it seems like I don’t do much, but really, a lot of those brief lines represent hours of work, hundreds of words committed to the screen, if not to the page.

My dogs were as quiet today as the weather was intense. Not a lot of rain, but a dramatic lightning storm just as afternoon morphed into evening, and all day incessant wind. I had my office windows open wide, and I sat and typed at my pink laptop and felt like Jo March in her garrett because my office is on the second floor, and with the desk angled across the room I feel like I’m perched in the trees.

After work hours, while the chili was bubbling on the stove, I sat on the deck and watched the grackles gathering to roost. Sometimes they seem like a flight of firelizards, with their swoops and dives high overhead. Other times, as they each perch on a separate branch, surrounding the neighborhood, they seem quite Hitchcock-ian.

I know that it is spring because the wind blows but has no bite beneath its bluster, and because the geckos are coming out at night. One of the older geckos, a coppery-orange one, got into some kind of scuffle and sacrificed his tail. I know it will grow back, but he looks so distorted without the extra couple of inches – and I feel sorry for him I wonder if geckos feel pain only in the moment, or the entire time they’re regrowing.

I had more to say but my thoughts are muzzy and I’m ready for sleep.
And so I shall.

2 thoughts on “Zippy Tuesday

  1. Wow, you did more than I usually do! You made dinner (usually I just heat something up), and you did laundry. Normally I go to work, come home, and am stuck online or watching tv. So you’re much more productive.

    I saw a bit of lightning. Would like to have seen some rain. Yes, I love the feel of spring!

    Oh, the grackles. To me they look Hitchcockian or sometimes ravenesque. Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.” Somehow I can’t see them as firelizards. I suppose my imagination fails me. heh.

  2. I really loved the picture you painted of yourself, Jo March style, scribbling furiously away in your garret. I was so in love with Jo, and really wanted to be her (although I’m really more of the Beth type, I’m afraid. At least I didn’t die young, though!)

    You write so well, you really made this simple recounting of your day come alive in an interesting and relatable way! Enjoyed it ;)

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