Unconscious Mutterings – 0703.18

I say… And you think…?

  1. San Francisco :: Golden Gate
  2. Sadness :: Desolation
  3. Spirits :: Hauntings
  4. Harriet :: the Spy
  5. State :: Secrets
  6. John :: Cleese
  7. Offense :: Defense
  8. Timeless :: Classic
  9. Account :: Eye-witness
  10. Refuse :: Deny

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One thought on “Unconscious Mutterings – 0703.18

  1. San Francisco: Hills (loved climbing them)
    Sadness: Heartbreak (i’ve had a few)
    Spirits: Gin and Tonic (don’t know why, because i’m a wine drinker)
    Harriet: the Spy (my favorite book when I was in 6th grade!)
    State: of the Union (is not really good right now)
    John: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and…
    Offense: Defense
    Timeless: Love
    Account: Relate
    Refuse: Garbage

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