CARMI: This One’s for You

Giraffe Reflection

Originally uploaded by Ms.Snarky.

Carmi is always showing off his photography skills in new and amazing – and often inspiring – ways. I don’t have his camera savvy or his eye, but when I saw the reflection of the giraffe in the pond water, I thought, “That’s the kind of shot Carmi would take.” So I tried it.

It was a cloudy overcast day, the water was murky, and Fuzzy was busy on a phone call, when I took this. Fuzzy has a much better eye than I do.

5 thoughts on “CARMI: This One’s for You

  1. I think you have a wonderful eye, and this image confirms it. Who else would think to focus in on the reflection? The image rocks as a result, because it’s precisely what you wouldn’t expect. Awesome stuff: I’m thrilled and flattered.

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