Tonight is the Valentine’s Day Battle of the Sexes at ComedySportz, and I find myself being more terrified than excited. I keep thinking that there’s an error, and I really shouldn’t be on the liners, and I feel like a little kid getting to swim in the big pool for the first time.

Acting classes over the years have all pushed the concept of grabbing your fear, harnessing your nervous energy, and USING it – channeling it into your performance. Clay said last night in IM that I should own the “swimming in the big pool” feeling, and play it – let it give me a kick-ass attitude.

So I’m trying to focus on my punk rock (well, not really, just cool red highlights, but it’s edgy for me) hair, and my special Valentine’s Day bandanna, and the promise of nookie when I get home after, and later today I will brew chicory coffee, and nibble on the special Starbucks cupcake I bought last night, and I will sing along to rousing music, and pretend that I’m a braver person than I really am.

I wonder if they’ll object to me wearing water wings on stage though.

2 thoughts on “Terrified

  1. You’ll be fine and I’m sure it will be a great show. I’ll be there, as always, because where else does a CSz groupie spend Valentine’s Day? In the audience, cheering for her man, of course. And everyone else too. :)

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