Nyquil Natterings

Have been unwell, congested, sore throated, and sometimes nauseous, since three AM Monday morning. (I woke when Fuzzy came to bed, and fled to the bathroom to puke, then spent part of the next several hours lying on the cool tile of the bathroom – it felt so good against my feverish skin.)

Today, wrote some stuff for work, slept a lot, tried to breathe. Slept more, finished a book, went blog cruising and found a great post from John Baker about Sylvia Plath and cooking. (I also turn to The Joy of Cooking for recipe help at times.)

Am now watching The Day After Tomorrow on DVD while sipping the cold-buster smoothie that Fuzzy brought me from Jamba Juice.

5 thoughts on “Nyquil Natterings

  1. Awww, sorry to hear that. Everyone’s getting sick lately it seems.

    Best stuff I know of when you’re congested is Mucinex D. Works wonders.

    Hope you’re back among the well soon!

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