A demon named “blinding and nauseating headache” took up residence in my head mid-way through Friday night’s CSz show, and has been pounding on my brain almost constantly since then. I’m forcing fluids and taking stuff for it, but I feel pale and pathetic, and the most taxing thing I’ve been able to do today is fold some laundry and wash towels.

And battle the other kind of demon, the six-legged crawlie kind known as ants, which took over part of the kitchen and the shower this morning. I’m fairly certain I should not have been playing with RAID while my head was still pounding, but Fuzzy’s been working all day, and seeing the creatures makes my skin crawl.

I’m in one of those “curl up and cry” moods, which is just really unhealthy. Just emailed church we won’t likely be showing up for choir practice or mass tomorrow. Hopefully rest and darkness will let me feel human enough for workshop.

2 thoughts on “Demons

  1. Light blotted out of the windowless room by towels under the door and hoping to pass out to sleep is the best I can hope for with those blinders of a headache.

    Ants? They are a force of nature. Fear or befriend?

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