Thursday Thirteen: 0702.15

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss

13 Games I Love to Play

  1. Clue. It’s classic, and you can turn it into a light roleplaying game.
  2. Monopoly. Especially when I get to be the banker. What? No, I’m NOT hiding an extra $500 under the board!
  3. Scrabble. Because it’s all about those 50-point words, baby.
  4. Jeopardy. Trivia is so much fun.
  5. Zuma. There’s something Zen about making those colored balls explode.
  6. Woosh-Bong. An improv warm-up. Sort of like a virtual video game married to invisible pinball. (Every troupe uses their own variations – we have “Sheild” instead of “Denied,” for example.)
  7. Phase 10. Gin Rummy meets Uno. Much more fun than it sounds.
  8. Weffriddles. Granted, I got distracted around #58, and never went back, but it was amusing while I played it.
  9. What? It’s played in cars, mostly. The object is to avoid using the word “what” (or its equivalent in any known languages) while trying to get fellow players to use the word, during the course of a “normal” conversation.
  10. Rigmarole. It’s much like the improv game “Story,” except that the point is to actually tell a story to conclusion, and there’s no eliminations. A really good example of it can be found in the novel Little Women.
  11. The Sims, except I don’t really play it, as much as use it to release my inner psychopath, by finding new and extreme ways to kill my sims. My early favorite was to stick them in a swimming pool and remove the ladder, but I’ve branched out since then. And yes, I do name them after people who’ve pissed me off lately.
  12. Cranium. Charades, trivia, and purple clay, all wrapped up together. Much fun!
  13. Balderdash! The ultimate word game. Can be as complex as players care to make it. We generally throw away the board, and just use the cards.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 0702.15

  1. I love all of those, too, but I had to laugh about The Sims releasing your inner psycho! It does the same thing to me! Then, of course, I have to feel all guilty and start a new family :) Great post and I have to agree with the commenter who wrote about “Apples to Apples”. Get it–you will love it!

    Happy TT! Jessica

  2. I love games – solo and with others! Phase 10 rocks! Champs and I played it all the time when we were first married and I always beat him banjo strings! If you enjoy that, you might like Skip-bo… ooo, it’s evil fun.

    Beyond Balderdash is so much fun. I got everyone once. I can’t even remember the word, but I gave the fake definition “the non-magnetic pin that holds the pointer on a compass”. yeup, of them voted for that. 11 years ago and I still remember the moment. tee hee!

    Sweet Girl loves Sorry and Operation, so we play that a lot. And if you love word games, then you must try Bookworm; it’s a great solo game.

    The best, though, is being gathered around the table with friends and family, playing and laughing. OK, I think I’m gonna go get a deck of cards now…
    My T13 is up – 13 things about the snowstorm. Yeah, I ranted a bit.

  3. Ooh Phase 10! We have that somewhere… unless it’s fallen through a hole in the space-time continuum, you know. I find it’s more fun if you play with friends, though… Tried playing it with people I didn’t know so well once, and was a bit bored.

    Wow you got to Level 58 on Weffriddles?! I’m impressed. :) Yeah, I kinda drifted away, too… LOL, and I even bought a Nurlo t-shirt… Not that Nurlo was hard, really. I would’ve rather had a different saying, but that was the only one available. I keep thinking I should go back and see if my subconscious hasn’t somehow figured out the answer during my break… but I’ll leave that for when I have more time.

    What? Sounds like fun. Must try it. :)

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