The Weekend, In Reverse

23:00 – Blogging while watching a tivo’d episode of House
21:30 – Folded laundry while watching tivo’d Any Day Now
(Yes, I realize both are old old eps.)
19:45 – Sat down to dinner with troupemates, at third restaurant we attempted, but which was ironically the first mentioned. (Too busy, we said of the first, too toney, we said of the second. Just right, we agreed about the third.) Steak and broccoli were perfect. Beer was okay. Wish they had better imports.
17:30 – Arrived at workshop, eggnog latte in hand. WANTED to “bring it” but was feeling off. Have been feeling off-kilter and like I’m too stupid for improv all month. I HATE NOVEMBER.
16:45 – Bought eggnog latte in cheery red cup from neighborhood Starbucks. Lusted after cute red and silver Kitchen Aid coffeemaker.
15:30 – Bought an x-acto knife, glue, drawing paper and watercolor paper. Yes, you read that correctly. Also bought pens. Yay micro-fine rollerball pens.
13:50 – Arrived at Chinese buffet place for lunch, where I had sushi and pot stickers and hot tea, and no actual Chinese food. Fuzzy, true to form, had rice with sugar.
11:30 – Sent Fuzzy out for dog food and groceries while I stayed home and started laundry.
10:30 – Woke up after sleeping too long. Missed church, but was feeling like crap so didn’t care.
08:00 – Stared at clock for five minutes, let dogs out, visited restroom, let dogs back in, decided warm bed was more attractive than being awake.
07:00 – Vaguely recall telling Fuzzy I felt like crap.
01:39 – Wake slightly as Fuzzy finally came to bed. Tell him I am hot. He says something about turning up heat because I was cold. I whine. Lie in dark for twenty minutes. Get up, lower heat. Better.
12:31 – Fuzzy goes upstairs to do something geeky. Dogs and I go to bed. I am Freezing.
00:15 – Arrive home with scary food from Micky D’s. Eat while watching about fifteen minutes of “10 Things I Hate About You.” Cuddle dogs.

23:34 – Leave CSz arena, tired and wired.
22:30 – Help with post-show cleanup of CSz arena, post show. Smoke smell and stale beer smell seem to permeate room. I am Swiffer Girl.
20:45 – Show begins. Spend half of it in sound booth shadowing D2 and other half babysitting beer bottles. Show was funny. Crowd v. drunk.
19:15 – Already tired. Relay to those who didn’t hear conversation that show will not start until audience arrives at 8:30. Apparently, this is scheduled, though most don’t seem to be aware. Glad am not onstage as am way tired.
18:15 – Arrive at CSz arena, with Peppermint Mocha.
17:40 – Chat with folks in Starbucks while waiting for drink. I love Starbucks at the holidays.
17:25 – Arrive at home, run inside, change shirts.
16:15 – Fuzzy wakes me and reminds me we need to eat. We go to Panera for soup in bread bowls. I spill mine on my pink shirt. We go home, after, so I can change.
14:00 – Lie down for brief nap while Fuzzy is in shower. He wakes me 2.25 hours later. I was in deep REM.
11:00 – Shower. Spend next several hours reading in bed and puttering around house and just vegging.
10:00 – Wake again. Decide to stay in bed longer.
08:30 – Wake up. Tell Fuzzy to let dogs out.
12:00 – After lounging in bed for over an hour, finally decide to go to bed. Have spent most of week sleeping – see no reason to stop, as being awake brings the urge to claw off all my skin. This much sleep is rare for me.

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  1. I love eggnog, Melissa. It’s so yummy. It’s also quite dense and rich and I can’t drink at much of it as I’d like. I finished off a quart a week ago so maybe it’s time to pick up some more! (oh, yes!)

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