Confidence Restored

I’d been dreading tonight’s CSz (that’s Comedy Sportz to those who haven’t read me for long) show – I’ve been having a crisis of confidence this month brought on by general Novemberitis, not feeling well, not feeling motivated, and making stupid mistakes and bad choices in the last show I was in.

Tonight, however, rocked. I mean, I was nervous about playing with someone I hadn’t played with before, and a little intimidated because our team’s captain is so much better than I am, but I had fun, and even learned to love a game I generally avoid like the plague.

I attribute my restored confidence to a peppermint mocha in a red cup from Starbucks, having not eaten since nine-thirty this morning (hunger makes me energetic, cuz it makes the game seem faster, and there’s dinner after), and having fun. Also, I got to wear Red. I always play better when I get to wear Red.

Our team lost the match, but that’s okay, because it isn’t about winning or losing, really, it’s about making the audience laugh, and the voting was so close every time, that we knew they were totally into the match.

For those keeping track, games are below, and linked to descriptions of the rules:

  1. Both Teams: Do – Rap (Rapped version of Do Ron Ron)
  2. Blue: Blind Line (except we just scatter them on the stage, and pick them up at will)
  3. Red: Forward/Reverse
  4. Blue: Dinner at Joe’s (A Variation of Ding Dong, only we ask the volunteer for two ppl from his/her life. The playing team plays the volunteer, and the two others in any group setting suggested by the audience.)
  5. Red: Pillars (But we play with two volunteers)
  6. Blue: Five Things
  7. Red: Dr. Know-It-All
  8. Both Teams: I Object / Objection (A variation of Ding! / Other Choice, except it’s played team against team, and instead of the ref Dinging or Blowing a Whistle, the team not on the field can, at any time, shout “Objection” and then give a reason. “You don’t use breadcrumbs for bait, you feed ducks with them.” The ref will overrule, in which case the scene continues, or sustain, which gives the objecting team the field. They then play the SAME characters, but have to correct whatever they objected to. Objections fly back and forth until they get fast and ridiculous, and time is called.)
  9. Both Teams: 185