Rules of Seasonality

I realize that Starbucks has had the red cups since the 10th, because they always start the red cups on the 10th, but they’re a cafe, and allowed to break the rules. However, there are people on my street with Christmas lights up already, and Denny’s is playing nonstop Christmas songs, and while I do like the seasonal stylings of Bing, Perry, Rosemary and Nat, flipping to All Christmas All the Time before the day after Thanksgiving is a serious infraction.

Actually Denny’s in and of itself is a serious infraction, and I’m still trying to decide if their white tree is retro-chic or merely repugnant.

And yeah, okay, I still have my ceramic ghosties on the mantel, but, this is allowed, because they don’t just represent Halloween, they represent harvest, the death of summer, and the onset of winter, as well as (on Saturday) the ghosts of NaNo – past, present, and future. But I’m taking them down Thursday, and while I might decorate the outside of the house (well, make Fuzzy do it) on Friday, before then? No. Nothing. Not Christmassy, anyway.

Cuz that would be against the rules.