Happiness is…

… a mug of chai tea with brown sugar on a crisp, cool, November afternoon.

… opening the mailbox to find a beautiful mossy green hand-knitted beret from a dear friend, and putting it on right there in the street, and grinning cuz it’s perfect.

… wearing your husband’s socks because he’s away, and his fluffy cotton socks make your feet feel warm and happy.

… fingers that are gluey from doing collage art and feeling like a seven-year-old for an hour.

6 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. I hope your skin isn’t bothering you as much now, Melissa. Having had poison ivy a bunch of times and general allergies to just about everything to boot, I’m well aware of how miserable itchy skin can be.

    You might think about buying a pair or two of fleece socks. They’re heavenly!

  2. I was thinking of my wearing my husband’s socks too because he will be gone for 2 weeks and I will cuddle in front of the tv with my blanket!
    Here via Michele’s, have a happy day :)

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