Hey, Lights!

Today I had stew for breakfast.

I use the term breakfast loosely. I was up until six, slept til noon, and have just finished a bowl of stew, but even though it’s after four, it’s the first thing I’ve eaten today.

Stew, like lasagna, is better the next day.

I also did the outside lights, which includes wrapping the trunks of the front yard trees and adorning the bushes with white lights, but I’m confused because I thought we had six sections of shrubbery nets and I only found four. However, we had two strands of those BIG old fashioned colored bulbs, so I used them on the front sections of the hedge.

Tomorrow, in honor of the end of NaNoWriMo I will begin the decorating of the INSIDE of the house.

One thought on “Hey, Lights!

  1. You are so bang on about stew. If I could skip firsties and go right to leftovers, I’d be a happy camper.

    Same thing with homemade soup. It gets wondrously gushy after it sits for a while. Between the taste and the texture, it’s enough comfort to get me through the nastiest of seasons.

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