I’m all askew when it comes to sleeping this week. Not sure if it’s the weird weather or just weird restlessness. I have a fanfic piece burning in my brain and I’m afraid to write it, just like I’m afraid to write another piece I’ve been playing with in my head because I’m afraid of where it will lead.

It’s 4:25. I was up until 1:30 yesterday, slept an hour, then surfed the net in bed while Fuzzy slept til 3:30, and got up for his plane. After he left, I had cereal – he’d bought Lucky Charms, and I decided to try them – they are disgusting, and I shall stick to my nice, grown-up, painted-styrofoam-marshmallow-free Grape Nuts Flakes in future. I had one bowl, and some juice, then went to bed. Still restless, took an antihistamine. Slept til 11. Got up, made crockpot stew, showered, wrote a lot, ate stew, wrote more, ate more stew, changed back into bedclothes around 1:00 this morning, and now am still awake, but not coherent enough to do serious writing.

I hate when I’m too awake to sleep, and yet can’t get my brain to engage.

I’m ready for the cold weather the news seems so panicked about.
I’m craving mince pie.

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  1. Don’t ever be afraid to follow a story. It never has to see the light of day if you don’t like where it takes you.

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