It Cannot Be Friday Already

The week has zoomed by, as abbreviated weeks are wont to do, I suppose.

I spend Tuesday mostly sleeping, nursing a pulled muscle, and a sore head, and just catching up on rest. It’s sort of ironic, that I’ve spent the last month waking by five and doing all sorts of extra hours, and when I’m finally free? I was up at 4-ish the day I wrote my last post, and as I write this now it’s not even seven, and I’ve been up for an hour. Of course, I might go back to bed again. Because I can.

I don’t remember Wednesday, except for watching Project Runway.

Yesterday was a day of coffee, podcasts and tax returns. I haven’t used my coffee maker since my mother was here in May, because I haven’t been home, but it was there on the counter all gleaming and silvery yesterday, and there was a bag of breakfast blend in the freezer, and so I indulged in an entire pot – not all at once, of course – and grinned at the coffee scent wafting through the house.

While I sipped coffee (and waited for 400 pages of 1040’s 1120’s and 1065’s to print, which tax foo I promised to analyze for a loan my mother is doing), I listened to all eight of the available season three podcasts from Tim Gunn. I love audio performances, anyway, and his podcasts are not unlike sitting down for cocktails and hearing the local gossip. Addictive.

The tax returns beckoned, though, and so I surfed to MGIC’s website and downloaded their cool analysis software. Oh, I have a spreadsheet that does the same thing, but this is neater and more precise. Yay MGIC. Two hours later, I’d done an AGI analysis and a SAM (schedule analysis) on two years of returns, and emailed the end result off to my mother. I haven’t shredded the returns yet, in case she needs them for something, because no way am I reprinting that much paper.

Yesterday was ALSO Fuzzy’s birthday, but I’m the one who got a cool package in the mail. I sent him a gift basket at work, full of munchies, because he doesn’t like flowers, and he never remembers to eat lunch. We’re doing his birthday dinner over the weekend, which I’ve taken off from ComedySportz. (I’m already in withdrawl – workshop cannot come soon enough.)

My plans for today are lofty: Laundry, lounging, scribbling, maybe working with the cd I bought to help learn more accents. Letter writing. Oh, and more coffee.

One thought on “It Cannot Be Friday Already

  1. Loved your descriptions! And now I MUST get those Tim Gunn podcasts as I am now completely addicted to Project Runway! Thanks for the tip!

    Michele sent me and I’m really glad! Have a great weekend!

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