Shadows and Storms

I woke to the sound of wind so forceful that it sounded like the crashing of ocean surf, and I wanted to float on waves of sleep for far longer than I actually did. I love listening to the musicality of wind: the rustling of leaves, the ripples of the water in the pool, the jingling of the windchimes, the hollow sound of the air as it passes over the cracked open windows, and the creaking of the house, as if, shiplike it's being tossed on invisible seas.

This afternoon when I left the house via the front door to check the mail, wind grabbed the storm door from my hands, then slammed it closed with so much force I thought the glass would shatter. It didn't, but the noise scared Zorro, and the force of the wind was so strong that Cleo, bouncing against the door with all her might, could not push it open.

Still later, as I sat on the couch sipping cool water and eating re-heated chilli, I looked up at the window and thought I saw a gecko. Thinking it odd, as geckos are generally only out at night, I walked to the window, and found that what I was seeing was the imprint of two gecko-forms intertwined, so detailed that the eye-bulges showed, in the dust on the screen. I was so amazed by the form I forgot to be embarrassed about how dusty my windows are. I considered taking a picture but the light would have obliterated anything that wasn't lost in reflections.

Tonight, the wind continues, and it will lull me to sleep very shortly, I hope, so that I can be well rested for tomorrow.

I wish sweet dreams to all, this evening, and a pleasant coming day.

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