I've had a nasty flu that has lingered for days – yesterday morning I described myself as feeling like acid was being poured down my ear canals, and that my hair hurt – I've spent much of the week so far in healing sleep, with the exception of an interview at a BigMortgageCompany in Plano on Tuesday, for a position doing help-desk support stuff for their loan officers. I felt that my interview was weak – also, the interviewer had a really limp handshake – has no one ever told him that your handshake speaks volumes – and I walked away thinking that a) I wouldn't get an offer, and b) that the room we walked through, the actual call floor, seemed to suck the energy out of everyone on it.

As it turns out, I arrived back home at 4:45, had a call at 5:15 offering me the job, and I told them honestly that I have another interview for a different division of BigMortgageCompany on Friday, which is for a processing position, and not an hour away from home on a good day. I had reminded them that they knew about this going in, and that I needed to go through that process before I could decide.

Despite this, they called me before eight AM Wednesday, and pushed me to make a decision. I have no patience for people who push others to make choices without all the information, but, as I said, I already didn't like the job, the location, etc. So I spoke to Fuzzy, who said, “Lovey, I'm not worried about us not having money to live, I'm worried about us not having money to do everything you want to do.” (Can you see why I love this man to death?)

And then I turned it down, both via extremely polite voicemail, and via email, asking them not to contact me again. (They called again anyway, which pissed me off.)

As if it was a sign, I received a loan app in the mail yesterday, from the OldCompany that I freelance for, and then, we have our first Mexico loan, which we're not even approved to DO yet, coming today or tomorrow.

But I'm still going to the BigMortgageCompany interview on Friday.

And right now, still feeling horrid, though less so, I'm going back to bed for a bit, with a mug of hot tea and Linda Greenlaw's The Hungry Ocean for company.

Haven't touched my NaNovel since Day 1….am not liking the plot, or rather, the voice….but I think it's an “I have no energy thing” really, not the plot itself. Enh. I'll catch up when I'm ready.

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