In preparation for our trip to Missouri tomorrow, we left the dogs at the kennel this afternoon. They knew something was up when I chopped a week's worth of food for them, and separated it into dated and labelled baggies, and then gave them chicken, and cried all the way there in the car. Fortunately it's only seven miles, but it was but most excruciating seven miles ever travelled. I feel like such a bad pet-owner.

I don't feel well. We're leaving in less than 12 hours and I'm not ready. I feel like I have all the wrong clothes, and money's tight because I'm not working on anything but writing right now, and while I do want to see Fuzzy's family, what I really want is a quiet holiday, and staying home. Instead, I have travel and stress. Oh, well, we'll be home on Saturday night, and I can sleep on Sunday.

I'm up to nearly 40k words in my NaNo project, but I'm really struggling this year. I want to write other stuff.

And now? Off to pack and veg a while, and then assemble notes so I can work on articles while away.

I might be making audio posts, but if so, they will ONLY show up at

*sigh* I miss the dogs already.

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