Middling Monday

Monday mornings are always a toss-up. On the one hand, a bad Monday sets the tone for the week. On the other hand, a good Monday is a great surprise, but may not last. My Monday has been sort of…middling.

First, I woke up to wispy fog and cold air. It got pretty toasty this afternoon, but I was chilly until noon. Guess maybe we didn't REALLY need to leave the a/c on ALL night after all.

Then I had an IM from a friend telling me he was going to personally kick me in the ass if I ever again tell him my writing sucks (that's paraphrased, except for the kick in ass part), and hey, the piece I'd originally said was desperate for editing and extremely raw was posted essentially unedited at Moron Life. The piece itself is called NaNo NaNo…, and it's a humorous look at NaNoWriMo. You should go to the main Moron Life site though, because there's tons of funny stuff written by people who are way cooler than I am. Also, they have videos and other cool stuff, and it's really important to support independent artists.

The afternoon was marked by a phone interview with the branch manager of a local wholesale lender. They're on the other side of the Metroplex from where I live, but the drive would be worth it because the job is pretty cool. Also, said branch manager has the same first name as me. She's asked the regional VP to give me a call tomorrow, so, please keep the job wishes coming. While I do have a gig with a company that does home-based customer support, for the month of December, I'd much prefer the wholesale gig, even if it is all corporate. (Hey, it's not just a job, it's an excuse to totally revamp my wardrobe.)

Friday we're seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the Dallas IMAX theater.
Tuesday we leave for Missouri, and Saturday come back. (The dogs are spending the time from Monday night to Monday morning kennelled with their vet, for less money than I spent on candy at World Market. I'm seriously impressed by this. Being very smart dogs, they know this already, and are practicing their brattiest behavior. Fuzzy may be scarred for life because of it, in fact. Or not.)

The evening ended with me nearly ruining chilli, and being taken out to buy cake and a peppermint mocha, which I'm still slowly sipping. I want to write, but instead I have to fold too many clothes to even believe.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow the furnace repair dude comes, so I can't even sleep late.

Although, at least my sorting record is unblemished:

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