I'm watching Irina Slutskaya's free skate for the world championships on ESPN as I write this, and wishing I were in the arena, close enough to feel the chill from the ice and hear the skate blades slicing it. I hate that the cameras focus on the skaters' faces more than their feet. I want to watch their feet. So far, hers is the cleanest performance. (She's also the last skater), and her choreography blends perfectly with her music…I hate when they have strong music and the choreography isn't equally strong.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm interviewing for a position I really want, and, typically, it's coinciding with THAT time of the month. Oh well, I won't be nervous, at least, because I'll be fighting cramps. (Actually, I won't be nervous, anyway, I have a feeling I pretty much have the job. A background check is required, and reference checking, but I'm not at ALL concerned about those.)

I really liked this recruiter. She was warm, friendly, and made me feel as if she was working for me instead of for B of A. She was funny – we clicked on the phone – and I like that their website (the staffing company is Mentor 4) addresses the fact that some of us WANT to be contractors.

I had a morning interview for another company scheduled, but I've already called and cancelled. I was getting a really bad vibe from them, and the actual job was farther away and for less money than I want.

(Update: Irina won the worlds, Sasha Cohen 2nd, Michelle Kwan 4th.)

So…figure skating – cool. Job interview – cool. Life – pretty damned cool.

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