The folks over at The Alchera Project have a prompt that asks members to create lists of beautiful things. My membership there is through my fiction blog, so this is unofficial participation, in the hopes that posting about beauty just before sleep will help ease my cranky mood. The choices are, of course, totally subjective, but feel free to offer your own in the comments.

Beautiful Sounds

  1. Rain falling on a roof.
  2. A wood fire crackling merrily.
  3. The crunching of leaves under feet on a crisp autumn afternoon.
  4. The initial fizz of freshly-opened Coca Cola.
  5. The subtle hiss of sugar being poured into tea.

Beautiful Sights

  1. The ocean, on a stormy day.
  2. Morning dew, on a blade of grass.
  3. Sunflowers growing wild near a rail fence.
  4. Two people, holding hands.
  5. Pine trees, the morning after a snowfall.

Beautiful Scents

  1. Rosemary-mint body wash, especially on a hot morning.
  2. Freshly-brewed coffee.
  3. Brand new crayons.
  4. Garlic and basil, being sauteed in olive oil.
  5. The machine-oil and metal scent of a large box of straight pins.

Beautiful Tastes

  1. Bittersweet chocolate.
  2. Peach gelato, in the height of summer.
  3. Sweet corn from a garden in New Jersey.
  4. The perfect cheeseburger.
  5. Sun-warmed raspberries, fresh from the bush.

Beautiful Tactile Sensations

  1. Cool, clean, sheets after a hot bath.
  2. The soft fur of a beloved pet.
  3. The gentle press of a mother's lips on a fevered brow.
  4. Suede.
  5. Warm mud squishing between bare toes.

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