Atlantis Found

Atlantis Found (A Dirk Pitt Novel)

Clive Cussler

My friend Rana mentioned the movie Sahara, and Clive Cussler books as a guilty pleasure in one of her blog entries, so when I saw several of his books on the library shelf, I picked one at random.

Atlantis Found reimagines the typical lost society of Atlantis and ties them together with a group of Nazi survivors hiding in South America and plotting to take over the world – on the surface not terribly original, except that it's a Dirk Pitt novel which means there are exotic locations and cool gadgets and a sort of Indiana Jones / James Bond sense of fun.

I enjoyed the book a lot, but couldn't talk about it because I knew it would be the type of thing Fuzzy would enjoy, and, indeed, he's been reading it all weekend. I'm not sure I could read Cussler in large doses, but every so often, a visit with Mr. Pitt might not be ill-advised.

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