If youâ™re lucky to be one of the few
To find somebody who can tolerate you
Then I shouldnâ™t have to tell you again
Just pack your bags and get yourself on a plane
If you need her, you should be there
Go home
If you need her, you should be there
Go home*

The thing about marriage is this. You don't have to embrace each other's quirks, you just have to tolerate them. I like a properly set table, and sheets that are nicely turned down, and towels that match. Fuzzy prefers that dirty dishes never be stacked, and grumps at me for leaving the pool pump on. But we love each other, so we tolerate the odd behaviors.

I think this tolerance goes a long way toward making a house into a homey, comfortable space, and not a showpiece where people are afraid to slouch.

*”Go Home,” Barenaked Ladies

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