Stroll (Quasi Pledge Break)

I want to walk you home
Please let me walk you home
I want to walk you home
Please let me walk you home*

This post marks the three-quarter mark. We're in the home-stretch and heading home. If you're still awake, please consider pledging? After all, there are a lot of families who don't have homes of their own which they can walk to. The pledge links are in my sidebar, and on my Blogathon Info Page

Speaking of walking, I'm listening to Fats Domino on Napster. The last time I heard this song was in 1991, at my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. I danced with my grandfather for the last time, at that party.

When I was a little girl, I used to walk up and demand that he “dance me,” which meant, basically, that I would put my bare feet on his work-shoes, and he'd waltz around the dining room. Then my grandmother would come in, and ask him to dance with her, and they'd hum. It was sweet.

My grandfather, by the way, once gave me a toy toolbox, with my very own hammer. When I was little, I played with erector sets and tinker toys, as much as with dolls, so you could say I have a natural affinity for my charity Habitat for Humanity – Women Build .

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