We went to bed right after I clicked “publish” on my last Blogathon entry at 8:01 this morning (by 'this' morning I mean Sunday, not Monday). I was up at eleven AM, hungry and with dogs needing a bathroom run, but went back to bed at two, and slept til seven. At that point I made Fuzzy get up and feed the dogs.

Woke up again at eight, showered, had food, watched a bit of a tivo'd ER, recoded my blog – my old template had never been 100% IE friendly, and the volume of posts from yesterday made it 0% IE friendly, so I found another WP theme I liked, and tested it on FireFox AND IE, and I think it's actually nicer than the old one.

To catch up with the Happiness Challenge:

08/05: The friend I wrote about in that “Blood Sisters” piece loved the story, and we've been emailing and catching up.

08/06: Wow, all these cool people commented on my blogathon posts – it was so great having you all take that journey with me!

08/07: Sleep, blissful sleep. Sleep never feels better than when you haven't had any for a while. Also a hot shower can be miraculous, and not merely a thing of convenience.

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