Jungle Fever?

The rain that has visted today, in short bursts, may have cleaned the air, but it did nothing to break the heat, and now stepping outside is like walking into a jungle. I keep hearing the line Gary Sinise uttered in Forest Gump to take care of your feet, in such conditions.

My feet, when I'm home alone, are generally bare, with flip-flops handy for emergencies, or trips outside when the ground is hot.

I don't think they'd be terribly useful in the jungle.

The steamy heat makes me glad we have powerful a/c, and the rain has kept a soft smile on my face all day, but what I'm most happy about today is…dusting.

Yes, dusting.
Maybe I'm really just getting high from Lemon Pledge, but dusting makes me remember being seven years old, and helping my grandmother with her usual chores, and listening as she sang to her violets.

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