Ballsy, Birthday, and Bedrooms

I wrote the world's most ballsy cover letter for a job application today. I'm not going to quote it, but I AM going to ask y'all to send good job karma for me, and hey, you're all invited to a virtual party at on Wednesday (tomorrow!) in honor of my 35th Birthday. While I am a little freaked about being that old (I can't be that old. My mother's only 29, after all.), I'm actually the kind of person who REVELS in her birthday.

Also, anything that comes with cake is a good thing, you know?

My happiness challenge item for Monday (posted after the fact, but, such is life): The guest room is so pretty and cozy that I almost want to sleep in it myself. It's so…uncluttered. I'm really tickled about having friends stay in it. I hope they like it, and are comfortable, and stuff.

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