A little bungalow, an hour or so from anywhere
A little cozy nest, the kind that's best for two
Among the shady trees with birds and bees and lots of air
And just enough o'ground to fool around with you*

It's such an exotic word, “bungalow,” and fun to say, and yet, according to Dictionary.com the primary definition is :
A small house or cottage usually having a single story and sometimes an additional attic story.

That may be techncially true but, in my personal lexicon, a bungalow only exists in places like India and the Florida Keyes, where tropical storms abound, and houses feel almost organic. I envision sailing home from a day of fishing, or driving home in a topless jeep, and shedding sandy shoes on the front porch. I picture ceiling fans with rattan blades, and lots of mosquito netting.

That, to me, is a bungalow.

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