Beach Houses

Door with Blue Trim

As much as I love my brick house, I've always wanted to live in a beach cottage, one with whitewashed or weathered grey exterior walls, and crisp blue trim around the door. Of course, my version of a cottage would be more like the house in Something's Gotta Give with an office wing, a gourmet kitchen, and lots of gorgeous views of the beach.

The beach. It's been part of my life since before I was born, and it shall continue to be, though not as often as I'd like, til I die. In my house there are shells in almost every room, lined up on windowsills, or preserved in glass bottles. There are several caches of beach glass, as well. As much as possible, with help from my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt, I carry pieces of the beach with me, every place I live.

Won't you come and see me
In my little bungalow
If the door is locked
Just give a little knock
So it's you I'll know

You're always more than welcome
And you'll never, never want to go
Give a rap and a tap
On the door of my little bungalow!*

*”Bungalow Song,” by Lewis Menechino
This song suggested by Kimberly